Payment – The completed Hire Agreement must be returned to secure your booking. Payment is required in full prior to installation. We accept direct deposit and credit card payments.

Rental Period -The items are installed as per Hire Agreement. We reserve the right to collect at any time once the property has sold. No refund will apply in the event of early collection.

Rental Extension – Should the goods remain at the property beyond the initial rental period, an extension fee will apply at a weekly rate which is outlined in the Hire Agreement. Payment is due in advance.

Photos – We are unable to guarantee a completion time on the day of install so highly recommend your photo shoot is booked for the following day.

Item Selection – All items are selected at the discretion of the stylist to best present the property. Any changes requested after installation may incur additional charges.

Hooks – The Property Owner authorises Showspace Furniture to insert hooks if and where required in order to hang artwork and/or mirrors. These hooks will remain at the Property following the collection of goods. Should permission be withheld, no artwork or mirrors can be provided and no discount will apply. We do not use adhesive hooks.

Use of Items – All goods are for display purposes only and not to be used. If goods are soiled or damaged on return to Showspace Furniture, the property owner will be charged a cleaning or replacement fee. Showspace Furniture does not under any circumstance authorise the property to be tenanted during the term of this Agreement. This includes short term holiday rental. If the Property is occupied without our consent, this will be deemed an unlawful conversion and/or legal misappropriation of the goods and legal action may be taken against the property owner.

Insurance & Liability – Insurance provided by Showspace Furniture covers the goods during the term of this agreement for fire damage and theft. Allowing for fair wear and tear, any other damage is the responsibility of the property owner and the property owner will be liable for the cost of repair or replacement of goods. All care is taken to avoid unnecessary damage, however Showspace Furniture bears no responsibility for any damage, loss, injury or cost relating to the Goods and Services provided. The Property Owner indemnifies Showspace Furniture for any claims, actions, demands or suits arising out of or connected with the use, malfunction, defect or breakdown of the goods.

Ownership of Items – The goods remain the property of Showspace Furniture and are not to be used, moved or removed, unless otherwise agreed by us. If the goods are removed without our prior consent, this will be deemed an unlawful conversion and/or misappropriation of the Goods and legal action may be taken against the property owner.

Termination – Showspace Furniture may terminate this agreement and repossess the goods if: – Any money owing under this agreement is due and remains unpaid for more than 14 days. -The property owner breaches or is in default under any of the terms of this agreement; or the property owner becomes bankrupt or has an administrator, receiver, liquidator or other external controller appointed to it. In the event of this agreement being terminated, Showspace Furniture reserves the right to enter the Property to remove the goods with or without the expressed consent of the property owner. If the goods cannot be repossessed they will be deemed lost, stolen or destroyed and Showspace Furniture may take legal action against the property owner to recover the cost of replacement at retail value.